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Abaci Payments Ltd

Innovating For Growth

Abaci Payments is a specialist payments consulting firm dedicated to providing strategic advice and implementation services to oil companies, international retailers and merchant service providers. We help our clients to develop and implement cost effective payment strategies which maximise business value.  

Our focus is to use our industry expertise to provide fact-based advice within a clear structured framework to enable management decision making. 

Recognising that a strategy is only as good as its implementation, we provide implementation services, using experienced practitioners, to ensure effective strategic execution. 

Our Services

Abaci Payments provides consulting services to merchants and to service providers.  

For Merchants


Abaci Payments works with merchants to develop customer focussed and cost effective payment and loyalty solutions which maximise retail value. We develop and implement sourcing models to optimise the delivery of these solutions.


For Service Providers


We work with merchant service providers to develop and evolve propositions to better support the needs of individual market segments. Our services include; market evaluation, proposition tailoring and RFP support.    


Our Services

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Abaci Payments 

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