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About Us

Welcome to Abaci Payments, provider of payments consulting and implementation services to merchants and service providers.

Abaci was founded by Ian Brown in response to the challenges organisations face today in maintaining cost effective, attractive payments services for their customers. There are many challenges; growing customer expectations, cost pressures, rapidly evolving technology, regulation uncertainties and ever-present security threats to name but a few.

To develop and implement an effective roadmap to meet these challenges requires senior management to make complex, multi-faceted decisions. Ian saw a need for a firm which could offer expert payments advice provided within a structured framework to make this decision making process easier. Abaci was formed to meet this need.

Abaci provides:

  • Fact based advice to our clients allowing them to make informed strategic decisions. We achieve this through the deep industry knowledge of our consultants and the provision of value based decision making frameworks.

  • Implementation services to ensure our clients' strategic decision are effectively executed. We achieve this by providing teams with extensive industry experience, which have a balance of IT and Business knowledge, and the use of structured change management processes.

Abaci's expertise covers the breadth of card payments and loyalty including both issuing and acquiring. We are recognised internationally as an expert in fuel cards, international acquiring, emerging market trends and outsourcing of payment services.

​Abaci is comprised of a team of seasoned operating executives and associates with many decades' experience of payments in international markets. We combine strategic thought leadership with hands on experience of strategic execution.

Ian Brown is the Founder and CEO of Abaci. Prior to founding Abaci, he held leadership positions at Shell and CGI through which he gained extensive experience of advising on and implementing strategy. At CGI, he was responsible for the development of CGI's card processing services for the oil industry. He has presented on numerous occasions at international conferences on the future of payments. He has a Natural Sciences degree and PhD in Geophysics from Cambridge University. 

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