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For Service Providers

Service providers are facing an increasingly tough market where continual change is an ever present part of maintaining a successful business.  


Pressures come from many directions:

  • A highly competitive marketplace with many new entrants,

  • A demand to grow and find new sources of profit leading to a need to develop extension services, to grow internationally or both,

  • Rapid technology change meaning that established, previously successful services, risk becoming outdated or, worse still, redundant,

  • Increasing expectations from customers for comprehensive end to end services, rather than point solutions. Services which will deliver more for less whilst also promising to lead the market in future innovation,

  • Increasing expectations from customers of services which are tailored to the needs of their own specific market niche and the marginalisation of the one size fits all approach. 

To succeed in such a market where change is ever present, it is essential for service providers to maintain an awareness of new market opportunities, to understand market niches in detail and to identify and respond to emerging client needs. Abaci supports service providers to address these challenges by providing independent, fact based advice and by providing market insights developed through many years' experience of working with customers on an international basis. 

Abaci provides a range of services to service providers to assist them to identify growth opportunities, to develop compelling propositions and take these to market, including:

  • Market evaluation – including market size, potential profit opportunity and target customers.

  • Proposition tailoring – including evaluation of the needs for a specific market segment or service extension, business case development and proposition development.

  • Proposition evaluation – independent review of a new (or existing) proposition and objective evaluation against the competition and the needs of the target market.

  • Market testing – support for testing a proposition in the market through engagement with appropriate players in the market.

  • Tender response – support to vendors to prepare tender responses and in matching the strengths of the service or product with the needs of the client.  

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